5.5 metre 3,500 Kg Exhibition and Hospitality trailer for Isuzu

Isuzu have taken delivery of the first ever Neat Vehicles 5.5 Metre Midiflex trailer. The trailer is only 5.5 metres long over the body for travelling when closed but can open up to a massive 13 metres long when folded out to its full extent. The trailer expands hydraulically on one side giving a curved glazed extension. The windows can be set up either open with polished stainless steel handrails across or closed with a double door in the centre. The front and rear curved mouldings hinge out to form the display panels and can either be folded fully out for 13 metre plots or partly out for 9 metre plots. An aluminium drawbar cover drops over the drawbar when it is turned round for display and pvc skirts go around the cover, the body, stage and across the bottom of the display panels. Inside there is a fixed Neat kitchen unit with a full size fridge and upper cupboards, a 55″ LED screen, four backlit LED illuminated display panels and LED colourchange uplight at the top of the wall. The modular furniture on board is all made in house and consists of a curved reception desk with frosted glass upper surface and laminated lower surface, a modular sloped display shelving unit, a coffee table with frosted glass upper and storage below, and five modular seats, all with push to close storage below. There are, in addition, 2 white and chrome poseur tables with four white high gloss poseur stools. These are all lit with remote control LED colourchange strips both through the glass and as downlights. White LED downlights in the ceiling and an illuminated Isuzu logo finish off the interior lighting to give a bright modern inside finish. Two sectional angled banner flagpoles have been added to the gullwing to bring the Isuzu logo to the front of the unit together with a hinged headerboard on top of the gullwing. This trailer gives an impressive backdrop to any size plot from 6 metres to 13 metres long, whilst only weighing 3,000 Kg with everything on board so it can be pulled with a pick up.