3,500 Kg Exhibition Vehicles for Sky

A new concept in 3,500 Kgs exhibition vehicles which are actually quite big has arrived. These vehicles which are able to be self driven on a car licence can open up to be a large display which is all self contained. The vehicle has an on board generator, sky satellite dishes, three screens, LED effect lighting and seating for several people all fitted within a 5 metre body. It also has a big external presence with fold out giant display boards to advertise what the vehicle is doing. This 3,500 Kg exhibition vehicle is fully wrapped outside and half wrapped inside and features fully wrapped solid aluminium skirts. The graphic panels can be fitted locked off at 35 degrees or at 90 degrees to the body.
The 3,500 Kg exhibition vehicle has all the latest Sky technology on display including Sky Q Box, Sky Sound box and mini box. It also features 3 I-pads with wi-fi connection via booster signal box. The fitted seating has storage below it and there are two circular stools for the l-shaped storage and equipment cupboard which also features LED colourchange downlights.

The general idea of this vehicle is to bring visitors on board and show them the benefits of Sky and how the technology works and maybe even sign them up!