Mobile CT Scanner for Humber and North Yorkshire NHS

Neat Vehicles, a reputable builder of trailers and vehicles for various industries, was recently commissioned by Imaging Matters and Canon Medical to build their latest Mobile CT Scanner trailer using the Neat Maxiflex 14 metre trailer design. The project presented unique challenges, including the need for lead installation to protect patients and staff from the radiation emitted by the scanner. However, Neat Vehicles approached the project from a different angle than other builders, leveraging their extensive experience building exhibition units and medical trailers to create a state-of-the-art mobile CT scanner trailer.

The Client

The clients for this project were medical imaging solutions providers Imaging Matters and medical equipment company Canon Medical, who needed a mobile CT scanner trailer for use in the Yorkshire & Humber NHS.

The trailer needed to meet the clients’ specific needs, comply with all relevant HTM compliances, and be fully certified to meet these requirements.

The Objective

This was the first CT scanner trailer to be built, which provided extra challenges and a steep learning curve,

The key objective of the project was to build a mobile CT scanner trailer that would meet the strict planning manual design criteria set forth by Imaging Matters and Canon Medical. This included meeting requirements for temperature, humidity, ventilation, and the installation of lead shielding to protect patients and staff from radiation exposure.

Alongside this, the trailer also needed to meet physical specifications, including having the right amount of space, balancing the weight with portability, and providing a strong enough base so that the stability of the trailer would not be affected by the spinning of the scanner while in use.

The Result

The end result of the project was a state-of-the-art mobile CT scanner trailer that exceeded the expectations of Imaging Matters and Canon Medical.

Using our own Neat Maxiflex 14-metre trailer as a starting point, we were able to use our unique experience to hit all of the specifications of the project.

Most importantly, the lead shielding that we installed was a resounding success, with no radiation leakage from the scanner, ensuring safety for those around it. Even the testing company themselves admitted that such effective radiation prevention was a surprise!

Alongside this, the finished trailer features curved mouldings on the front and rear, with one-piece composite paneling inside and out, providing a smooth white high gloss finish that is easy to clean. The trailer also features two entrances, one with a fully compliant stretcher lift and hand railing all around, and the other with a platform and steps that can run parallel with the trailer or at 90 degrees to it.

Inside the trailer, there is enough room for three operators in the control room, with a separate cleaning materials cupboard. The scan room itself features lead sheeting in all walls, ceiling, and floor, as well as lead-protected doors and windows. The trailer also has a separate plant room containing a backup 20 kva diesel generator with its own diesel supply, linked to an automatic mains failure panel in case the mains incoming supply fails.

The mobile CT scanner trailer also features LED diffused remote control color change uplighters and downlighters above and below the storage cupboards, a large one-piece LED skylight with an illuminated sky graphic above the couch, and a separate changing area situated within the offside extension using a slide-round curtain. The trailer was found to be very stable during testing by Canon personnel, with four automatic self-leveling stabilising legs as well as two manual landing legs on the trailer.

Overall, we were thrilled to be able to provide this CT trailer to our clients and make it both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing too. The mobile nature of the trailer will be able to revolutionise the service provided, with CT scans now available in a range of locations.

Trailer Feature Summary:

  • HTM Compliant throughout.
  • Full NHS grade CT scanner
  • Lead shielding to prevent radiation exposure
  • Space for 3 operators plus patient
  • Private changing area
  • Cleaning storage cupboard
  • Curved mouldings
  • Easy to clean smooth gloss finish
  • Two entrances, including a stretcher lift & other accessibility considerations
  • Door canopies
  • Heat exchanger
  • Two air conditioning units with a third backup
  • Water break tank to avoid backflow
  • UV filter for incoming water supply
  • Back up generators with their own diesel supply
  • Laminates to suit the users colour choices
  • Dimmer switches
  • Fire control panel
  • Security alarm
  • LED skylight with illuminated graphics
  • Self-leveling stabilising legs

Pictures of the trailer can be seen below.

For more information regarding this project, or to find out how Neat Vehicles can help you with your next project, whether it may be for commercial or medical purposes, please don’t hesitate to contact our team either by phone at 01623441114 or via our contact page, and we will be happy to help

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