Westermo product demonstration vehicle

Westermo, who make Data Network products are a company who needed to demonstrate and show off their products to distributors and also train and present to these distributors.

We built them this 5,000 kg product demonstration vehicle which is operated by one person and can be a demonstration unit, a training facility, a meeting facility or an exhibition unit.

It started life as a Fiat cab with an Alko tandem axle chassis which gives a very low floor for easy access. We then built our hydraulically expanding body onto it and fitted it with air conditioning, diesel generator, LED backlit shaped display panels for their products to be displayed on and a huge oval glass LED meeting/ demonstration table. The equipment on the display panels is all usable and forms its own network within the vehicle.

The windows can be either deployed fully to provide a controlled relaxed environment or they can be opened and glass and stainless steel handrails dropped in for an open aspect for either indoor shows or for summer days outside.