Red Arrows 14 Seat Venturer Simulator Trailer

There were over 40 of these trailers built by us over the years for the Venturer 14 seat simulator with hydraulic stabiliser legs, hydraulic stages and steps. They also featured air conditioning units, a paybooth on the back with ramps, which was also built in our factory, and a curved front nose.

The simulators were fitted to the trailer before they left and the large hydraulic motion base was piped and wired. The simulator is programmed with a ride for the 14 people inside, which in this case was a flight aboard the Red Arrows. The trailer was used and operated by the Red Arrows trust. These trailers were shipped all over the world to places such as Argentina, Germany, Spain, Norway and featured many variations, such as the twin axled variant for Canada for the Blue Angels and the two with Cadillac style wings on the rear for the new James Bond movie launch in Norway