PDSA 18 ton Mobile Clinic and Exhibition Vehicle

This 18 tonne Mercedes Neat Vehicles Multi-expanding Mobile Clinic and Exhibition Vehicle combined is designed to provide Pet Care at shows and PDSA Hospitals around the country. The Vehicle starts off as a standard looking truck with nice graphics then the operator presses the auto levelling button and four hydraulic legs come down and lift the unit up and level it. The sides then come out hydraulically and one of the expansions contains an operating theatre and a consulting room, both of which are suitable for pet surgery. In the operating theatre is a minor surgery operating light, an oxygen generator linked to a dispensing valve, a drug safe, scrub sink, heated operating table, ups system and custom built cupboards. In the consulting room is a fold down consultants table, IT system, sink and custom built cupboards.
There is a separate staff room in the front of the truck which has all the IT connectivity equipment, printer, fridge, 2 dog cages stacked on top of one another, a toilet with sink and extractor and an autoclave for sterilising instruments.
The large main area has a 65″ LED screen mounted to the wall flanked by 4 LED feature graphic boards with colour-change facility. It has modular furniture with an elliptical I-pad table suitable for 6 I-pads with storage below. The seats and furniture are all built here at Neat as well as the vehicle itself.

The main area has several functions depending on where the unit is deployed, it can be an exhibition area, a classroom for children, a presentation suite, a stage area when the windows are folded back and handrails deployed across the front, and a meeting room. The reception desk also doubles as a lectern for presentations. All this can be going on in this area, whilst operations and consultations are taking place in the hydraulic pod. Externally there is an electrical lift for disabled access and for lifting injured animals on trolleys.

Hot and cold running water with onboard water tanks, waste water tanks and air conditioning/ heating units are all fitted along with electrohydraulic operation.