Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator Trailer

Neat Vehicles built a dozen trailers and paybooths for the Morphis 20 seat simulator, one of which was the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator trailer seen here. The trailer was built to be completely stable when the Morphis simulator was fully loaded and moving around hydraulically during a ride experience. We designed and built our own hydraulic stabiliser legs which increased te footprint when deployed. The trailer also carried within it a GRP paybooth which we bult with monitors and controls within it and winched it up on ramps inside the large double doors.

Two hydraulic stages deployed either side, and steps and polished stainless handrails were attached. A 100 kva generator, air conditioning, shower, vanity unit, toilet and bed were also installed within the front area, which is normally just intended for the hydraulic and computer equipment to operate the simulator. The other trailers included ones for Sony Playstation, Castrol oil, US Navy, Aintree racecourse, Coca Cola and the Spanish air force.