Eurofighter Single Seat Simulator

This unit was built for the Royal Air Force to enable them to put a potential recruit in the cockpit and see how they would cope with the rigours of flying a Eurofighter. We manufactured everything on this, including the fuselage, and incorporated the cockpit on the electrical linear motion base. All the electrics and hydraulics were carried out in the factory and also the graphic application while the clouds were all painted.

The cockpit interior incorporated a ruggedized screen and subtle lighting as well as sounds and a joystick which controlled the movement from side to side and front to back. CCTV and voice communication from the controller to the pilot were added as well as an emergency stop button inside and outside.

A control room at the front housed a 20 kva generator and the computer rack housing the programmable computer for the ride.

External lighting was added to the rear of the trailer to light up the fuselage from below and the operator could control it from the same place.