Big TV Sky Fly

The Sky Fly is one of the most complex screens available today and it was built by us to provide something which was not available on the big LED screen market for Big TV.

The unit is two units in one really as the body which holds the crane and screen demounts from the trailer to lower to the ground. The remote controlled hydraulic stabiliser/ demount / levelling legs come out to a spread of 8 metres square to give a very stable platform for the 28 ton demount unit to lift off the trailer and lower to the ground or operate at a height tall enough to walk below it.

The crane can then lift the 33 square metre high definition LED screen up to a height of 20 metres and also has a double fold to enable it to go over houses, displays or equipment at stage side.

There is a small control room, generator, fuel tank and hydraulic tank built onto the skid of the demount.

When the crane lifts up the hydraulic manipulator on the end of the arm has the facilty to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, tilt up or down and also pan left and right as well as the screen folding in half so there are some very complex hydraulics on there.


It doesn’t stop there because we built the trailer as well which has three steering axles and a living / store area at the front with connections for the skid to attach.

Its first outing was at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone where it hovered above the hospitality suites where they have not been able to have a screen before.