Aviva Stadium 3d Rugby Experiential Exhibition trailer

We were approached by a Dublin Marketing company to provide a multi expanding full articulated experiential exhibition trailer unit to tour Ireland and promote the new Aviva Stadium. On board the unit was a replica of the dressing rooms in the stadium and these were made into a 3d experience with each cubicle having its own 3d screen and set of headphones and the footage was personalised with the persons name and their face appeared on the screen in the stadium.

We built a curved glazed expansion on the show side, which was the reception area for guests to have their photo taken and details taken down to appear in their footage. This data was then used to send on further information.

A full length self supporting hydraulic slide out pod and folding floor expanded the unit to enable two rows of dressing room cubicles and still leave plenty of room in the centre. The rear moulding lifted hydraulically upwards and all the skirts and panels were aluminium painted to give that solid graphic background.