Mobile Library wins ‘State of the Art Vehicle’ Award at CILIP Award Ceremony

The 2015 Mobile Library State of the Art Library Vehicle award was awarded to the two NEAT Vehicles Vectors commisioned by Essex County Council at the Public and Mobile Libraries Group Conference in Staffordshire. Neat was asked to build two advanced library vehicles for leasing company VLS and ECC as they were changing the way they were going to be using their library vehicles and needed them to multi-task. After an initial design study the concept of having a library vehicle where all the shelving units came out as modular mobile units complete with books and was then transformed into a youth vehicle or an exhibition vehicle with fold- down desks and display panels already integrated, so basically having three vehicles in one, was discussed.

The vehicle also needed to be as green as possible so a full array of solar panels was fitted to the roof linked to 1000 kg of batteries and an inverter charger system. This then powered all the on-board equipment at 240 volts. The vehicle carries 1000 kg of books, on 14 mobile shelf units along with seating, desks, display panels, acoustic and blackout dividers to enable the room to be divided into multi function areas. It also features on-board bathroom and toilet facilities, laptop storage and charging facilities, microwave, fridge, walk through cab, wind out awning for external displays, leaflet and brochure displays, disabled lift with unique stowage and platform facility, double air powered doors, removable 3rd passenger seat which folds away and stows, Smart LED screen, serving counter with book truk storage and operator seat.