Five Features You Need in Your Mobile Clinic

Not everyone is able to get the health care they need, so a mobile clinic can be an excellent option to reach them. If you know of an area of the population that could use specialty healthcare or even general care, a mobile clinic may be your best option for reaching out to them.
Fortunately, mobile clinics are relatively easy to build and can be as simple as a van with space for examining patients, or as complex as a large trailer that includes multiple treatment rooms. Whatever you choose, a bespoke trailer company can design it and build it for you.
When building your clinic, here are five things you need to include:

1. An Entrance and an Exit

It may seem like a good idea to have just one door to save space, but you’ll actually speed up the process if you can move people through the clinic and have them exit a different door. This eliminates ‘traffic jams’ and lets the next patient come into the clinic at the same time as the other is leaving. It may be a small amount of time that is saved, but it adds up over the day and can result in more patients being seen.

2. Extra Lighting

You can never have too much light when you’re examining a patient, but some situations call for extra illumination. In these cases, you’ll want a movable light on an arm so you can position it exactly where you need it to see best. Again, it’s a simple addition, but one that will make life much simpler.

3. Proper Exam Table

Depending on space in your mobile clinic, you may be tempted to just have an exam chair. However, there will always be situations when you need to lay a patient down and you should have a space to do so. Even a narrow exam table is better than nothing.

4. Ventilation

Any mobile clinic needs to be properly ventilated. After each patient, you’ll be wiping surfaces down with disinfectants or alcohol and that can get toxic very quickly in an enclosed space. While doors provide some ventilation, it’s best to have a fan and vents. A good ventilation system will also prevent the clinic from getting too stuffy.

5. Bathroom or Sink

You’ll be seeing people who are unable to get regular medical care, so it’s particularly important that you manage to keep things sanitary. A bathroom ensures you don’t have to go out and find a place to relieve yourself, but even if you can’t have that due to space restraints, a sink is a must. You’ll need to wash your hands constantly and having the ability to do so right in the clinic is essential.
Planning a mobile clinic can be challenging, but working with a company that has experience will help. They are already familiar with what a clinic needs and can ensure you get exactly what you want. Give Neat Vehicles a call to discuss your needs on 00 44 (0)1623 441114