Central Liverpool Credit Union utilise “Green” Neat 3,500Kg Mobile Branch Vehicle

Central Liverpool Credit Union have recently had a Neat Vehicles Fiat Ducato built for their mobile branch to take them out on the road, with all the on-board power taken care of by lithium batteries, solar panels, inverter and split charging systems to enable full days to use with 240 Volt power onboard instead of having an inbuilt generator.

They needed three separate rooms onboard, a Bathroom with toilet and sink, awaiting and information room, and a separate private interview room.

These are all taken care of with the addition of an entrance door and an exit door to enable flow through the unit so people can be separate in times of Covid.

There is also an external covered waiting area with sides and front so it is in effect four rooms all from a 3,500 Kg vehicle able to be driven on a car licence.

This striking unit has very vivid graphics so it will be noticed wherever it goes and a fold-out display panel that partly covers the cab.

2 sets of steps and polished stainless steel handrails for the entrance and exit and there is a portable disabled ramp for disabled access.

Also on board is a 12 Volt ducted heating system and a coffee machine for giving customers drinks, a 55″ LED screen for information and a fold-down table with folding chairs for inside and outside.

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