Aico Demonstration, Exhibition and Training Vehicle

Aico wanted a unique vehicle to demonstrate and display its high-performance Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms & Alarm Accessories. This unit based on the Fiat and Alko 5,000 Kg low floor vehicle, is a multi purpose unit, which gives them the maximum flexibility available. It can be laid out in various formats thanks to its modular furniture which gives the appearance of built-in furniture. The vehicle has three curved desks with frosted glass tops and LED colour-change uplights and downlights which hide the wheelarch and provide a long curved desk for candidates to sit behind for training sessions and to be used as a reception if used for an exhibition with two being used. The modular seat is made by Neat to be multi-placement with the LED coffee table. All of our modular units feature storage compartments with push-button access. On the walls, there are 6 graphic display panels that are powered for the alarms being demonstrated and also feature LED backwash. There are two 50″ screens and one 65 inches interactive touchscreen on the walls to give maximum impact at an exhibition or to give clarity during training sessions.

The front windows can either be deployed so it is fully glazed or folded back to give an open outlook in for example an indoor exhibition or on a nice warm day when polished stainless handrails drop in to give a safe environment.   

A backlit LED logo is mounted on the back wall above one of the screens and a distinctive wrap completes the high tech look of this very flexible unit.

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