National Deaf Children Society Demonstration Truck

We have made 2 different vehicles for the National Deaf Children Society over the years, the most recent being a double expandable demonstration truck and the older one being a single expandable Van based unit.

The newer vehicle is currently in service with the NDCS and some of the pictures were taken at their launch of the vehicle at Londons Guildhall where it was well received by the deaf children who use it as a resource centre to discover new equipment which will help them with their disability.

The vehicle is a DAF 8 tonner with self supporting slide out pod and fold out glazing which can be either fully glazed for winter months or open to form a stage if needed in summer.

The steps concertina out from below the stage on this and there is a slide out partition which can close off the small office to for a one to one meeting area. Colour change LEDs are used throughout the unit around display panels and in display tables together with I Pad Holders to help give the hi tech feel. It is a large internal space for a truck and enables classes of 20 – 30 children to be given instruction.