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Training Trailers & Demo Vehicles

There are many companies which need to display their products but at the same time demonstrate them in a practical sense to either the public or to distributors and buyers. This is where we come in offering practical solutions but ones which are innovative and have the wow factor.

These are sometimes also combined with training facilities and also presentation facilities so that one vehicle or trailer can be multi- tasking and provide all these facilities by a simple layout change with the modular furniture or windows.

There are also units which need to be dedicated training vehicles or trailers where their sole purpose is to go and train staff or customers.

Information trailers and vehicles such as the National Deaf Children’s Society unit are purely to show people products or give advice and information, in this case to demonstrate to the children the devices which are available to assist them in their everyday lives with their disability.

Thanks for all the hard work, it is much appreciated, even though I had to put you under pressure to finish to meet the deadline. The stand went down so well at the office, everyone loved it and were totally blown away by the quality

— Royal Canin