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Bar Trailers, Merch Trailers & Sampling Vehicles

The diversity of units we design and build shows itself in the range of products in this category.

We have manufactured mobile kitchens , bar trailers, sampling trailers and vehicles, since we started 30 years ago and these are a few of the ones we are featuring.

Our kiosk manufacturing has encompassed about 60 units with pay booths for simulator trailers, demountable kiosks for information and sales units, and even mobile toilet kiosks.

Merchandise trailers and vehicles have been built on bespoke single purpose trailers and vehicles or incorporated into Hospitality units like the Nissan and Audi units.

One area which is under expansion is the provision of containers as units for sales, display and other uses. These can be made hydraulically expandable as with our other creations to double or treble their size.

One thing is for sure our next creation is just around the corner.

Thanks for all the hard work, it is much appreciated, even though I had to put you under pressure to finish to meet the deadline. The stand went down so well at the office, everyone loved it and were totally blown away by the quality

— Royal Canin