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Display Vehicles

NEAT Vehicles have built a wide selection of Display Vehicles, Exhibition Trailers and Display Units over the past 30 years which range from multi-expandable semi-trailers to special purpose vehicles, the only thing they have in common with each other is that they are different from the run of the mill trailers and vehicles.

Self contained mobile Display Vehicles

The Neat Vehicles we build, range from small 3,500 kg display vehicles to larger rigid units which require an hgv licence to drive them. These are bespoke creations which are self contained units with their own generators usually linked to the vehicle fuel tank and air conditioning and heating units. Other features on the Display Vehicles are LED back-lit display panels bespoke modular furniture and semi- automatic hydraulic expansions. These allow the Neat Display Vehicle to expand and double or treble in size. They can be easily deployed by one person in a relatively short space of time.

The bodies of our Neat Display Vehicles are made from Composite Insulated GRP with an aluminium or steel superstructure frame dependent on size and weight of vehicle. Most of the bodies we build on our Display Vehicles are hydraulically expandable with either hydraulic pods (sometimes known as slide-outs) or with hydraulic roofs and floors with fold out windows.

The convenience of having one of our self contained Display Vehicles is being able to turn up on site, start the generator, open up and away you go without having to tow a trailer, unhook it and position it, then level it.

As well as it being a mobile billboard when driving down the road our Display Vehicles have a degree of flexibility built into them by design. Our designers try to make the Display Vehicle perform many different functions. For example a company needing an Display Vehicle to demonstrate their products on board can end up with a unit which can form a training room, a meeting room, an exhibition, a demonstration room, an indoor exhibition in a big hall and a mobile stage, all from one unit. A lot of our customers choose our Display Vehicles because of their multi- purpose flexibility.

If you can think of it, we can build it and our next creation is just around the corner.